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Why Orlampa Enterprises?

One of the problems with most home based business "systems" is the lack of quality training and development.  Instead of working for yourself, you often find yourself working by yourself.  Orlampa Enterprises, Inc. and its partner, provide an entrepreneurial platform from which a dedicated and qualified business partner can launch his/her own global internet-based, drop-ship business for a nominal investment.

Beth and Phillip Black of Orlampa Enterprises, Inc., work hand-in-hand with their business partners to create success by:

  • Focusing on developing a "winning" attitude

  • Clarifying each partner's life and business goals

  • Building a personalized and meaningful goal statement

  • Creating an individualized marketing strategy in line with the business partner's goals

  • Developing a business expansion model in line with the business partner's business goals

  • Providing access to a global meeting and training seminar system that ensures consistent and effective training

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