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Welcome to We, as a team, have created a page that focuses on getting started as an Unfranchise business owner.  We understand when starting a new venture there are many emotions at play.  People are usually excited to get started but often realize they don't know what to say to people or how to move forward effectively.  This is why we created Our goal is to take an Unfranchise owner to from business registration to activation.


This site is fluid, meaning that it will update as the business changes or as we develop more effective ways to share the business opportunity.  The one thing we have all learned as Market America/ partners is that change is inevitable.  In today's business environment, if you remain static, you become irrelevant.  Because of this, we strongly encourage you to embrace change.


Our team will work hard for your personal success.  In return, we ask you to work hard for the team's success. If you are a potential business partner, a new business partner, or a seasoned business partner, we want you to understand what those two sentences truly mean.  First, and foremost, you have a team that will work with you and for you to reach your personal and financial goals.  The team will be here for you, to coach you and push you to be the best Unfranchise owner you can be.  But, in return, the team expects you to be a supportive and contributing team player,  to be a participant on team conference calls, to provide guidance for others on the team, and to transfer your buying to Market America branded products.  Ultimately, loyalty to the business plan financially benefits everyone involved.


Zig Ziglar once said, "You can have everything in life you want, if you just help other people get what they want."  Simply stated, this is the philosophy of our BV411 team.  If you are willing to help others, then we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.  We will then work together to help your team members meet their goals.

Our mission is to proudly share the health and financial benefits  of the Market America/ entrepreneurial platform and to commit to a wholesome life of learning and giving.

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